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Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is a holiday created to honor and celebrate our mothers and motherhood.  The holiday is celebrated on various dates around the world. However, it is observed on the second Sunday in May in the United States. Over 46 countries around the world celebrate the holiday. Mother’s Day is related to Father’s Day, Siblings Day, Grandparents Day, and other similar days set aside to honor special people in our lives.


Mother’s Day began in the United States when Anna Jarvis held a memorial to honor her mother in 1908. Anaa Jarvis’ mother, Ann Jarvis, was a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers from both sides during the American Civil War.  Ann Jarvis died in 1905 and that is when Anna Jarvis began working on establishing a holiday to honor all mothers. By 1911 all United States states observed the holiday. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation making the second Sunday in May a national holiday.


Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in various ways. Often there is special recognition of the day and mothers in churches and in families’ homes. Much to Anna Jarvis’ chagrin, the holiday has been commercialized with card companies and others catering business to the holiday. However, more personalized gifts are often made in schools and other places. Anna Jarvis would appreciate more personalized gifts and notes. The day is often celebrated with family meals or special outings as well. The expression of love and gratitude for your mom is what matters most on this special day!


Mothers often inspire and/or support us all to become all that we can become. Maybe your mother’s creativity, intellect, or abilities have inspired you! Maybe your mother has supported you or coached you through difficult times in your life. Whatever your situation, and whether your mother is with us today or not, today is a day to honor mothers! If you are the mother, congratulations and thanks to you! Happy Mother’s Day! Be inspired. Have a bright day.

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