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Julian Lennon is a singer-songwriter, musician, artist, photographer, actor, producer, and philanthropist. He was the child of John Lennon, that he had with his first wife. He started learning how to play instruments with his father and was the inspiration for a few Beatles songs.


John Charles Julian Lennon was born in 1963 in Liverpool, England. John Lennon and Julian’s mother, Cynthia, divorced in 1968. He began to spend more time with his father in the 1970s. He was part of his father’s 1974 album Walls and Bridges. Following his father’s death, Julian’s debut album Valotte came out in 1984. Additional music and contributions to the music industry have followed.


Music and film coincided when his first tour was documented in Stand By Me: A Portrait of Julian Lennon. Additional roles, including voice work, have followed. Julian, also, produced the documentary WhaleDreamers. 


Julian has shared his interest and work with photography. His photography of his half-brother and several famous individuals was shared at an exhibition in 2010. Another series was shared in 2015.


Julian has, also, been actively involved in charity work. In 2009, he founded The White Feather Foundation, which works to raise money for improving all lives. He supports the Whale Dreamers Organization as well. This group supports all life and the health of the Earth.


Be inspired! Have a bright day!

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