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Easter is primarily a Christian and cultural holiday celebrated in places around the world. For Christians, it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Culturally, it often celebrates the coming of Spring. It falls on a Sunday following Holy Week in either March or April in most places, although in Australia Easter occurs approximately six months later.


Celebrations include church services, Easter egg decorating and egg hunts, family meals, Easter baskets of candy, and gift giving. Observances include prayer, all-night vigil, and sunrise services. Services and observances do vary. Parades occur in many places as well.


Easter eggs are decorated and is a significant part of many Easter celebrations. There is evidence that decorating eggs is a custom that dates back to early Mesopotamia. Back in this time, eggs were stained red to represent the blood shed by Jesus at his crucifixion. Today, eggs are decorated with writing, multiple colors of dye, and garnishes. A modern custom is to hide plastic eggs filled with candy instead of decorated chicken eggs.


In many places both Good Friday, preceding Easter, and Easter Monday, following Easter Sunday, are public holidays. However you spend the day of Easter, enjoy! Be inspired! Have a bright day!


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