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Josh Gad is an actor, comedian, and singer. He has been active since 2002. He is best known for his parts in Broadway’s The Book of Mormon, and movies Frozen and Beauty and the Beast.


Joshua Ilan Gad was born in 1981 in Hollywood, Florida. He was raised Jewish, has two brothers and a stepsister. He graduated from NSU University School in 1999. Next, he attended Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts. He, also, did a semester-long exchange at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. In 2003, he earned his BA in Drama.


Josh started starring in his over two dozen films thus far with 2002’s Mary and Joe. He started appearing in his thus far over two dozen television roles with an episode of television’s ER in 2005. He has, also, made additional appearances in video games and on Broadway.


Josh married Ida Darvish in 2008. They have two daughters. While he still appreciates aspects of Judaism, he also finds value in aspects of his wife’s Catholicism. He considers himself spiritual and shares this with others. He has publically supported A BroaderWay and the 2017 Women’s March.


Whether you are a fan of Olaf from Frozen, Josh’s comedy, singing, or other acting parts, you can feel inspired by how much Josh Gad has done since 2002. Be inspired! Have a bright day!

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