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Kyle Cease is an actor, comedian, and motivational speaker. He has released CDs and has had a book published. As a motivational speaker, Kyle has focused on individuals letting go of anxiety to move forward without fear and with purpose.


Kyle Cease was born in 1977 in Washington. He began performing comedy in his hometown of Bothell, Washington. He became a headliner in Comedy Clubs by the time he was an adult. He was then cast to act in 1999’s 10 Things I Hate About You.


Kyle moved to Los Angeles and has since appeared in other movies, commercials, and television shows. Comedy Central has been a big part of his career. He has released comedy albums and DVDs. In 2010, he began focusing even more on motivational speaking with his comedy. He has spoken at colleges, summits, and company conferences.


His book, I Hope I Screw This Up: How Falling In Love with Your Fears Can Change the World, was released in 2016. His videos and philosophy can be explored on Evolving Out Loud on kylecease.com. Welcome to Deep Down is an online video series as well. Work towards evolving into who you want to be. Be inspired! Have a bright day!

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