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Vince Gilligan is a writer, producer, and director. He has primarily television, but also film experience. He has acted in a couple television series as well. He is best known for Breaking Bad and The X-Files and their spin-offs.


George Vincent Gilligan, Jr. was born in 1967 in Richmond, Virginia. His parents divorced in 1974. He began making films with his childhood friend Agnes Wall, who has become a film editor and film title designer. Vince went on to enter and win first prize for his age in a film competition at the University of Virginia. He later graduated from Lloyd C. Bird High School in 1985. He then attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts on a scholarship. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film production from NYU.


Next, Vince Gilligan joined the already popular television series The X-Files. Vince went on to write more than 29 episodes, serve as co-executive producer of 44 episodes, executive producer of 40 episodes, co-producer of 24 episodes, and supervising producer of 20 episodes. He was then the co-creator and executive producer of the spin-off The Lone Gunman.


After that, Vince created, wrote, produced, and directed Breaking Bad. This series original release was January of 2008 until September of 2013. This series resulted in multiple awards for Vince, including Writers Guild of America and Primetime Emmys. The spin-off’s deal for Better Call Saul was announced in 2013.


While his awards are impressive and Breaking Bad even earned a Guinness Book World Record, Vince’s journey, and his theme of finding oneself, that is present in much of his work may inspire you. He has used his creativity to produce a lot of work that has created many new themes for on-screen stories.  Be inspired! Have a bright day!

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