A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Carnie Wilson is a singer and television host.  She sings pop and pop rock primarily.  She has appeared on multiple television programs.  She has been part of the music group Wilson Phillips.


Carnie Wilson was born in 1968 in Bel Air, California.  Her father is Brian Wilson, who was a member of The Beach Boys.  Her mother is Marilyn Rovell, who was a singer of The Honeys.  She, her sister Wendy, and their friend Chynna Phillips formed the music group Wilson Phillips.  They released albums and Carnie has had other music ventures she has been part of and released other albums.


Carnie began her television appearance part of her career with the 1995-1996 television talk show Carnie!  She has appeared on several other programs, including ones that have highlighted her weight struggles.  She has been part of shows for charity as well, including ones for an Autism research foundation and The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.  Carnie has talked about the importance of inspiration, among other topics, on The Talk television show as well.


In 2000, Carnie married musician/music producer RobBonfiglio.  They had a daughter in 2005 and another daughter in 2009.  Unfortunately, in 2013, Carnie disclosed that she has Bell’s Palsy.  She has been open about Bell’s Palsy, as well as, her issues and procedures related to her weight.


Whether you enjoy Wilson Phillips music, her Christmas-themed releases, or other music she has been part of, Carnie Wilson has been active in music and, later, on television since 1989.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!



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