A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Some people’s life and work are focused on helping and/or inspiring others.  Many professions are centered on helping and/or inspiring others.  Whether they are professions that educate, heal, protect, motivate, or something similar, they are inspirational.


Alexandra Joy Smith has focused her life on motivating others to reach their full potential.  She is an Intuitive Results Coach.  She is self-employed and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  Alexandra received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1998 from Fordham University.  She worked in the health and wellness industry for 25 years and has been self-employed since 2013.  She works with people to bring out their potential and make the most of their life and goals.


Several sites on the web can be inspirational, such as inspiremore.com.  This site tells uplifting stories.  The site donates a portion of their profits to help others as well.  The Brainy Quote site has a section of inspirational quotes.  Inspire.com is a site dedicated to health and wellness support groups and communities.  There are many additional sites as well.


My life has been focused on inspiration since my accident altered the course of things for me.  I wrote Got Inspiration?  Inspiration Does the Mind Good to help others, as well as myself, through difficult periods or inner struggles we all may have at times during our lives.  I write my blog and hope to turn it into a book to help and inspire others as well.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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