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Joe Ehrmann was a former NFL player.  He is currently a minister and motivational speaker.  He played most of his career with the NFL’s Baltimore Colts, then also played with the NFL’s Detroit Lions, before playing with the USFL teams Chicago Blitz, Arizona Wranglers, and the Orlando Renegades.


Joseph Charles Ehrmann was born in 1949 in Buffalo, New York.  After high school, Ehrmann attended Syracuse University.  He was a football letterman in 1969, 1970, and 1972.  He played defensive tackle and was selected as an All-American in 1970.  He was drafted during the first round of the NFL Draft by the Baltimore Colts.  He was later selected to play in the Pro Bowl in 1978.  He finished his NFL career with the Detroit Lions as part of their early 1980s respected and celebrated defensive line.


Losing his brother to cancer in 1978, led Ehrmann to change his life’s direction.  During the off-season, he began attending the Dallas Theological Seminary.  He had, also, led the construction of the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore to honor his brother Billy.  He graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  He specialized in urban ministry and was ordained in 1985.  Around the time, he married his girlfriend Paula and they went on to have two sons and two daughters.  Paula is a psychotherapeutic counselor and runs Paula Peach Ehrmann & Associates.


The New York Times best-seller and Pulitzer Prize-winning Jeffrey Marx book Season of Life was inspired by the Gilman football team and their coach’s lessons.  Biff Poggi and Joe Ehrmann were their coaches that helped inspire the book.


Ehrmann and his wife started Building Men and Women for Others.  They, also, co-founded The Door community center in inner-city Baltimore.  Along with child and community advocacy Joe Ehrmann has, also, spoken out against violence against women.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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