A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Does exploration inspire you?  The unknown and the possibilities associated with the unknown inspire many people, often times to the ultimate benefit of the whole human race.  Explorers in medical occupations are abundant, in a vast range of specialties, and their work impacts humanity in myriad ways.


Many of us have heard of James Parkinson, Alois Alzheimer, and Louis Pasteur.  However, there are so many others that have done or are doing inspiring work.


Elizabeth Stern was a scientist, medical professional, and doctor.  Her work was seen as a breakthrough in women’s health and enabled early cancer detection and treatment.  Percy Julian was an African-American academic, civil rights activist, chemist, scientist, and medical professional.  He was a pioneer in the chemical synthesis of many medicinal drugs.  Some examples are cortisone, steroids, and birth control pills.  James D. Watson is an academic, biologist, geneticist, zoologist, and scientist.  He is a 1962 Nobel Prize-winning physicist and researcher.  He is credited with co-discovering the double-helix structure of DNA.  Rosalind Elsie Franklin was actually largely credited with the discovery of the structure of DNA after her death from ovarian cancer in 1958.  Watson suggested she would have been awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry had she not died.  These examples and many others are evidence of the importance of medical exploration and work.


Whether a medical explorer or working in medicine in another way, medical professionals inspire many.  Having gone through a coma and extended hospital stays myself, many medical professionals and others inspired members of my family and me with recovery stories and work they did.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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