A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Does exploration inspire you?  The unknown and the possibilities associated with the unknown inspire many people, often times to the ultimate benefit of the whole human race.  The World Ocean is still an incredible source of exploration.


The World Ocean covers almost three-fourths of the Earth’s surface.  Yet, less than 5% of it has been explored and it is believed that possibly over one million of the Earth’s species have yet to have been discovered.  The World Ocean is divided into the Arctic, Southern or Antarctic, Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.  Seas are, also, saline bodies of water and part of the World Ocean, however are partially or fully enclosed by land.


The World Ocean is central to Earth’s weather and climate.  Oceanographers divide the ocean into different regions and zones.  The deepest part of the ocean is in the Pacific Ocean at the Mariana Trench.  Oceans contain multiple forms of life and fishing is a major industry.  In addition to the economics of the fishing industry, is the economy’s use of oceans in the transportation industry.


Whether you fantasize about travel and vacation on the ocean and about the majestic beauty of life or you benefit through your job from oceans, we can all appreciate the World Ocean as we all are impacted by it and our hydrosphere.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!



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