A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Random Acts of Kindness are inspiring.  Random Acts of Kindness are celebrated and appreciated at times and they do deserve to be.  Everyone can do a Random Act of Kindness.  Kindness does not cost money.  Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 12th through the 18th.


Being kind to others IS being kind to yourself.  Many studies have been done, including ones presented by Harvard University, Allan Luks’ book The Healing Power of Doing Good, and Psychology Today, proving the benefits of Kindness.  Not only does the “feel good” serotonin neurochemical level in your body rise, but you also experience other body and health benefits.


The benefits of Kindness are evident in the giver, receiver, and even the observer of Kindness.  As good as you feel receiving Kindness, it does encourage you to extend Kindness to others.  Those observing Kindness also are encouraged to extend Kindness to others.  Kindness does spread more Kindness.


There are many ways to show Kindness and many societal benefits to Kindness.  Be kind!  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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