A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Random Acts of Kindness are inspiring.  Random Acts of Kindness are celebrated and appreciated at times and they do deserve to be.  Everyone can do a Random Act of Kindness.  Kindness does not cost money.  Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 12th through the 18th.


Today, I want to share some details of a few of the stories from randomactsofkindness.org.  These stories may inspire you to do something similar or something you have been thinking about doing.  They may just remind you of the good people out there doing Random Acts of Kindness and make you feel good.


John M. Sweeney is the founder and chief kindness officer at Suspended Coffees.  At Suspended Coffees people can buy themselves coffee and other items and if they choose they can also buy coffee and other items for those that are in need of assistance.  Those that come in to receive Suspended Coffees and other items do not have to prove their need.  People that need this type of kindness can not always be easily identified and at Suspended Coffees items are given to those that claim them.


Abby is a young girl that has already, as a child, dedicated her life to kindness.  She collected and donated towels to a local animal shelter.  She also cooked breakfast for police officers at a police station in her hometown.  She continued her good work raising $1,000 for tsunami victims.  Abby has done and is dedicated to doing Random Acts of Kindness.


Another example is Peggy Filler, who is a high school health teacher in Seattle, WA.  She became an advisor to a student Random Acts of Kindness Club.  The group consists of over 120 students who do community service and Random Acts of Kindness in their community, both in school and around their hometown.  The group sponsors a Kindness Week at school each year and Busted For Kindness, which celebrates kindness on their school’s website.


These examples and many others can be found to inspire and encourage kindness.  Be kind!  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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