A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Random Acts of Kindness are inspiring.  Random Acts of Kindness are celebrated and appreciated at times ans they do deserve to be.  Everyone can do a Random Act of Kindness.  Kindness does not cost money.  However, at times celebrities use monetary resources they have to do something kind even they may not have expected they were going to do.  This becomes a Random Act of Kindness.


The comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor, and author Steve Harvey ended up participating in what could be considered a Ransom Act of Kindness.  One of the television shows he hosts is the game show Family Feud.  Steve ended up, unexpectedly, giving another $25,000 to a $20,000 winner on the show.  This contestant had been on the show multiple days and had an extremely emotional reaction to winning $20,000 on the show.


Talking to the contestant led to Steve learning that this man had a terminal illness.  He had mounting medical bills, not covered by insurance, that he did not wish to die and leave with his family.  The money he won could be used by his family for which he was thrilled and incredibly grateful.  Learning this information about this emotional and grateful man led to Steve’s Random Act of Kindness.  Steve Harvey gave this man money that was his own.  Steve gave the man and his family an additional $25,000.


Steve helps people by hosting on his shows, including children on Little Big Shots, with his writing, and more.  He has earned and been awarded with several accolades for his work over his career.  What Steve Harvey did for the contestant with his resources is not the same as what you may be able to do, however any Kindness is priceless.  Be kind!  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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