A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Richmond is the inspiring capital of Virginia.  It is at the fall line of the James River.  It is in the Piedmont region between the flat and low Tidewater region and the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Powhatan Native Americans lived in the area when Europeans explored the James River northwest of their Jamestown settlement in the early 17th century.  Richmond was laid out in 1737 and incorporated in 1742.  Richmond was named the colonial capital in 1780.  The Virginia state capitol building was designed by Thomas Jefferson and an architect.  It was finished in 1788.


Virginia joined the Confederacy during the Civil War.  Richmond became the capital of the Confederacy.  After the war, Richmond rebuilt and became strong economically once again.  The African-American business community became strong and became known as the “Wall Street of Black America”.


Richmond has a humid subtropical climate.  Summers are hot and humid.  Winters are mild with some snow.  Precipitation occurs throughout the year, although there are dry periods in the fall.  Hurricanes and tropical storms can occur in the summer and fall.  Freezing rain in the winter and tornadoes can cause damage as well.


Downtown has been a hub for business due to boating, railroads, and the highway system. Law and finance have been a basis of Richmond’s economy.  Advertising business, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and recently the food culture have been important additions to government, healthcare, and education employers.  The film and television industries, Fortune 500 companies, and other industries make a large impact on Richmond’s economy as well.


There are many museums and points of interest in Richmond.  Visual and performing arts are crucial aspects of Richmond’s culture.  Writers are an important part of the culture.  The parks and recreation system is the oldest in the country.  There are no professional sports teams in the city, however auto racing and other sports are popular.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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