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Harrisburg is the inspiring capital of Pennsylvania.  It is the county seat of Dauphin County and is on the Susquehanna River.  Harrisburg’s location is 107 miles from Philadelphia, 117 miles from Washington, D.C. and 170 miles from New York City.  Paxton Creek empties into Susquehanna River and Wildwood Lake and Italian Lake are in Harrisburg.


The Susquehanna Native American tribe is thought to have lived along the Susquehanna River from around 3000 BC.  Englishman Captain John Smith is thought to have traveled the area in 1608.  In 1719, John Harris, Sr., an Englishman, began a settlement in what later became Harrisburg.  The city was incorporated in 1791.  When Pennsylvania became a state, Harrisburg became its capital in 1812.


Harrisburg is between a humid subtropical and oceanic climate.  It experiences all four distinct seasons.  Summers are hot and humid.  Thunderstorms do occur.  Winters are cold and snowy.  Major snowstorms can occur.  Spring and fall are pleasant.  Precipitation occurs throughout the year.


Harrisburg’s economy is diversified with service-related industries, healthcare, and technological and biotechnology industries.  Government, Giant Food Stores, and Penn State Hershey Medical Center are Harrisburg’s top employers.  Schools include the Harrisburg School District, charter schools, private schools, university campuses, and Harrisburg Area Community College.


Performance centers and nightlife in Harrisburg attract people.  The annual Pennsylvania Farm Show and an art exhibit named the CowParade art attract many people as well.  There are, also, museums, art collections, and other sites of interest.  There are several parks in the city.  Recreation and many opportunities to attend sporting events exist in the city.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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