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Bismarck is the inspiring capital of North Dakota.  Bismarck is the county seat of Burleigh county.  It was ranked in 2015 as a fast-growing small city and is the second-most populous city in North Dakota.


Indigenous people, including the Mandan Native Americans, lived in the area for thousands of years.  In 1872, European Americans founded a settlement.  In 1873, Northern Pacific Railway renamed the then named settlement Edwinton to Bismarck.  In 1883, Bismarck became the capital of the then Dakota Territory and in 1889 it became North Dakota state’s capital.


Bismarck has a humid continental climate.  Winters are long and can be snowy and windy.  Summers are hot and can be humid.  Fall and spring are distinct seasons as well.


Healthcare, government, and education are Bismarck’s top employers.  Walmart and MDU Resources, a diversified energy company, are the only companies outside the previously mentioned realms of employment in the top ten Bismarck employers.  There are multiple colleges and one university in Bismarck.


An auditorium and several theatre companies are central to the culture of Bismarck.  Bismarck Parks and Recreation District operates multiple parks, swimming pools, and golf courses.  There is, also, miles of biking trails and the Dakota Zoo.  A popular attraction is Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.


Hunting, fishing, boat docks, and picnic areas are popular as well.  High School, college, and other amateur sports attract fans.  Auto racing and the rodeo attract fans.  Other popular sports include softball and golf.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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