A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Albany is the inspiring capital of New York.  Albany is on the west side of the Hudson River and is the seat of Albany County.  Albany is one of the first cities to have installed modern utilities and infrastructure.


Albany was inhabited by Algonquian speaking tribes before Dutch and English settlers established themselves.  The area was claimed for United Netherlands in 1609.  The official year of settlement is 1614.  New Netherlands was captured by the English in 1664 and it was renamed for the Duke of Albany.  Albany was incorporated in 1686.


Transportation has been significant in Albany’s history.  A steamboat line was established between New York City and Albany in 1807.  A successful steam railroad, which was the first in the state and the first successful steam railroad in the country, was the Mohawk and Hudson  Railroad.  Albany opened one of the first commercial airports as well.


Albany has a humid continental climate.  Winters are cold and snowy.  Summers are hot and wet.  Spring and fall have significant change of season aspects as well.


Albany has over 60 public parks and recreation areas.  Besides recreational sports there are amphitheaters and annual festivals.  There are significant aspects of nightlife and entertainment.  Festivals include the Tulip Festival, Freihofer’s Run for Women, and The Albany Chef’s Food & Wine Festival: Wine & Dine for the Arts.


There are well known and popular museums and historic sites.  Albany is well known for literature, film, and education.  The economy is dependent on government, healthcare, education, and technology.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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