A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Trenton is the inspiring capital of New Jersey.  Trenton was a former capital of the United States as well.  It is the capital and county seat of Mercer County today.


A settlement was established by Quakers in 1679.  Famous Revolutionary war events took place in Trenton and after the war the Confederation Congress met there in 1784.  Trenton went on to become the capital of New Jersey in 1790.  The city was incorporated in 1792.


Trenton is between a humid subtropical and a humid continental climate.  The four seasons are approximately the same length.  Winters are cold and damp.  Summers are hot and humid.  Spring and fall are transitional.  Hurricanes and blizzards can and have occurred.


Trenton Public Schools has 22 district schools.  There are several charter schools as well.  There are private schools and two post-secondary institutions in Trenton.


In addition to education, employment of residents comes from government, health, and tourist attractions in a large proportion.  Sites of interest include museums, monuments, and memorials.  Major league sports fans are split between Philadelphia and New York teams due to Trenton’s location between the two mentioned cities.  Other sports and local parks and recreation attract people as well.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!


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