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Helena is the inspiring capital of Montana.  Montana is a northwestern state and Helena features several geological aspects one may expect from this area.  Key features include the Continental Divide, Mount Helena City Park, the Big Belt Mountains, Lake Helena, and Helena National Park.


The Folsom culture is known to have lived in the area 10,000Years ago.  Later, other native people like the Salish and Blackfeet lived in the area.  Settlers of European and British Canadian descent came by the early 1800s.  Gold prospectors came to Montana around the time it became a territory in 1864.  A mining camp was founded named Last Chance Gulch.  Helena’s townsite was surveyed in 1865.  Helena became the capital of Montana Territory in 1875 and of the state in 1889.


Helena has a semi-arid climate.  Summers are hot and dry.  Winters are long, cold, and snowy.  Spring and fall are short and transitional.  The temperature can vary greatly during the day and it has been known to snow throughout the year.


Government jobs make up a large sector of employment.  Residents, also, are employed by education, healthcare, and the private sector.  The low unemployment rate in Helena is lower than in the rest of the state.


Multiple higher learning institutions, media outlets, and outdoor sports add to the culture of the area.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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