Ay dose of Inspiration for you!

Lansing is the inspiring capital of Michigan.  Lansing is the only capital that is not also the county seat.  Lansing has two medical schools, a veterinary school, two nursing schools, two law schools, a Big Ten Conference university (Michigan State University), state and federal courts, the Library of Michigan and Historic Center, and four national insurance company headquarters.


The first European in the area is recorded to have been in Lansing in 1790.  Lansing was settled in 1835.  In 1858, Lansing became Michigan’s state capital and the city was incorporated in 1859.


Lansing has a humid continental climate.  Summers are warm and humid.  Winters are cold with some to heavy snowfall.  Spring and fall are truly transitional seasons.


The top employers are the State of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Sparrow Health System.  Government, education, insurance, healthcare, and automobile manufacturing are Lansing’s major industries.


There are several parades and annual events that add to the culture of the Lansing area.  There are significant musical events and other places to draw residents and tourists.  Farmers’ Markets, libraries, The Lansing Art Gallery, museums, theatre, and the Potter Park Zoo are among the area attractions.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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