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Happy New Year!!! My sincere wish is for people to have happy, healthy, caring, and prosperous New Years!  Many people had a fantastic last year and others did not, regardless today starts a new chapter so to speak.  Good intentions coupled with positive feelings, actions, and thoughts can make a difference!


Here’s to celebrating the New Year!  Many traditions celebrate the New Year.  People kiss their mate and/or loved ones at the stroke of midnight to celebrate the New Year and their love.  People pop the bubbly to make a cheer for the year to come.  People, also, sing Auld Lang Syne to celebrate and usher in the New Year.


Other traditions, like the dropping of the ball in New York’s Times Square, have a long history.  Sailors used the dropping of a ball as a time signaling device to help them navigate long ago before other devices were invented.  The signal was picked up and changed over the years.  The New Year’s Eve Ball Drop has been happening in Times Square for over 100 years.  Many of us watch it and the celebrations on television.  Fireworks can be seen in person or on television.  Many places in the world shoot off fireworks to bring in the New Year.


People make New Year’s Resolutions.  This tradition is in keeping with wanting to improve on the previous year.  A resolution may be to improve on or break a bad habit.  It may be to start a good habit.  Some people are very committed to their Resolution and others do it to remind themselves of good intentions.If you do it, let it be good for you and everyone involved.


Depending on your culture or location, you may celebrate with other traditions as well.  In some places, in Ireland and elsewhere, people leave money on their doorstep overnight to be blessed.  In the Southern United States eating Black Eyed Peas is a staple during New Year’s meals.  A tradition of my family kinda combines these two.  We have a hidden dime in a bowl of cabbage during our New Year’s dinner.  The person who gets the dime is going to be blessed monetarily during the coming year.  We actually eat peas for Health, cabbage for Wealth, and fish for Wisdom.  Other people’s traditions including eating grapes, burning doormats to “clean house”, and ringing church bells.


Whatever you do to celebrate, Happy New Year!  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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