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Boise is the inspiring capital of Idaho.  It is the most populous city in Idaho.  It is in southwestern Idaho on the Boise River.  The Boise-Nampa metropolitan area is the third most populous in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.


Different stories exist about the origin of the name Boise, however stories include reference to the French word for woods due to the area’s woodsy terrain.  Boise was founded in 1862 and incorporated in 1864.  Fort Boise was a U.S. Civil War fort.  Boise became the territorial capital in 1866.


Boise is divided into several neighborhoods.  Downtown Boise is the cultural center and home to small businesses.  The Boise State University area has neighborhoods and cultural and sports centers.  The North End has old homes and annual events.  Boise Highlands has neighborhoods and a golf course.  Southwest Boise has theaters, shopping, golfing, the airport, and the Boise Bench area.  Northwest Boise has old and new neighborhoods and Veteran’s Memorial Park.  Warm Springs and East End has expensive neighborhoods, natural hot springs, and the Natatorium public swim center.  East Boise and Harris Ranch has hot springs nestled in the foothills.  Southeast Boise has neighborhoods and schools near Boise State University.  Boise Bench is home to the Boise Union Pacific Depot and Boise Airport is nearby.  Finally, West Boise is home to Boise Towne Square Mall, other shopping, and residential areas among other things.


Boise has a semi-arid continental climate with four distinct seasons.  Hot, dry summers occur.  Springs and Falls are mild.  Winters are cold with an average of 19 inches of snow annually.  Precipitation is rare and light, especially during the summer.  Tornados are rare.


The culture of Boise includes being a hub for jazz, theater, and indie music.  There is a large Basque ethnic community with a Basque festival every five years.  The Boise City Department of Arts and History promotes the arts, culture, and history.  Boise has a forty-eight million dollar yearly earning Arts industry.  The major attractions in Boise include the zoo, the World Center for Birds of Prey, nature, skiing, and other sports.  Be inspired! Have a bright day!

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