A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Atlanta is the inspiring capital of Georgia.  It is the most populous city in Georgia and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.


Creek Indians lived in the area before European settlers arrived.  Atlanta was established in 1837.  The town was renamed Atlanta and incorporated by 1847.  During the Civil War, in 1864, Atlanta was burned to the ground.  After Atlanta was rebuilt and because of its superior rail transportation, Atlanta became the capital of Georgia in 1868.  In the 1880s, Atlanta became a center for higher education.  Today, thirty colleges and universities are in Atlanta.  In the 1960s, Atlanta became an integral part of the Civil Rights Movement.


Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate.  Summers are hot and humid, there is a distinct fall and spring, and winters are cool.  Precipitation does occur throughout the year.  Ice storms are common, however heavy snowfalls are not.  Tornados are rare, but do occur.


The Atlanta metropolitan area is one of the largest economies in the country and the world.  Fortune 500 companies are based in the area and many Fortune 100 companies do conduct business in the area.  Media and information technology have become important economic sectors.  Tourism is, also, a major industry.


Atlanta is a multicultural metropolitan area.  There is, also, permanent professional performing arts companies.  Significant art museum call Atlanta home.  The history of different genres of music is significant as well.  Professional sports teams call Atlanta home.  Golf courses, parks, nature preserves, and gardens call Atlanta home as well.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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