A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Denver is the inspiring capital of Colorado.  The official name is the City and County of Denver.  It is located in the South Platte River Valley, on the western edge of the High Plains, east of the Rocky Mountains, and east of the confluence of Cherry Creek and South Platte River.  Denver’s nickname is the Mile-High City.


Denver was founded in 1858 as Denver City.  It was incorporated in 1861.  In 1867, Colorado became a state.  Then Denver was consolidated as the City and County of Denver in 1902.


Denver’s climate is semiarid, continental.  It experiences all four seasons.  Summers are mild to hot, sometimes with severe thunderstorms.  Winters are mild to cold with periods of snow.  It does snow at times in the late fall or early spring.  Tornadoes do occur, as do hailstorms.


Denver is known for storage and distribution of goods and services.  Large corporations have located themselves in Denver.  From automotive belts and hoses to chocolates, many products are made in the city.  Brewing companies have made their headquarters in Denver.  Federal government agencies have a strong presence as well.


Theaters, parks, parkways, museums, convention centers, art districts, and opera houses are part of Denver’s culture.  Denver is, also, home to all four major sports.  Denver has over 200 parks.  It is home to community gardens as well.  It is ranked highly as a walkable city.  In addition though, Denver has many other modes of transportation around the city.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!


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