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Phoenix is the inspiring capital of Arizona.  Phoenix was settled in 1867 and incorporated in 1881.  It is the most populous city in Arizona, the most populous capital, and the sixth most populous city nationwide.


Phoenix was inhabited by Hohokam people for a couple thousand years around the 14th century.  They made irrigation canals.  However, periods of drought and flooding led to the Hohokam abandoning the area.  New Native American tribes lived in the area next with irrigation systems.  These tribes harvested maize, beans, squash, cotton, and tobacco.  In 1848, the area became part of the U.S. New Mexico Territory.  In 1867, Jack Swilling, a former soldier, settled a community and the name Phoenix was chosen.  The population grew and the arrival of the railroad made Phoenix a trade center.


After World War II, high-tech industry furthered the growth and economy.  Air conditioning and construction furthered growth in Phoenix.  Manufacturing, convention, and tourism industries became major factors in the economy.  The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station began supplying electrical production.


Phoenix is located in the Salt River Valley in the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.  There are mountains in and around the city, however it is generally flat.  The Salt River runs through Phoenix.


Phoenix does not observe daylight savings time.


Phoenix is divided into urban villages.  Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate.  The summers are long and hot.  Winters are short and mild.  Snow has only been recorded to have fallen a couple of times since recordkeeping began.  Phoenix is part of the sunniest region in the world.  Day to nighttime temperatures vary greatly.  Monsoons occur during the summer.


Cultural aspects include many performing arts venues.  Concerts and dozens of museums attract people.  The downtown art scene has grown.  Unique architecture is part of the culture of Phoenix.  Zoo and other outdoor attractions are abundant.  Phoenix also has all four professional sport franchises.  Other sports are popular as well.


Phoenix has national, county, and city parks.  The Desert Botanical Garden is a public garden.  The are 182 parks.  Golf courses and Hole-in-the-Rock geological formation attract people as well.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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