A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

There are many things, people, and organizations that can bring out inspiration.  Sometimes an inspirational person can bring more attention to a cause or vice versa.  Sometimes a story can be inspirational.  A person that achieves despite a disability, can inspire people to achieve.


John Hockenberry is a television journalist and author.  He was a mathematics major at the University of Chicago when a car accident changed his life.  He suffered a spinal cord injury.  He is now a paraplegic from the chest down.  He transferred to the University of Oregon and studied music.  He wound up with a journalism career after volunteering for the National Public Radio in Eugene, Oregon.


John Charles Hockenberry was born in 1956 in Dayton, Ohio.  He lived in New York and Michigan during his childhood.  He graduated high school from East Grand Rapids High School in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  John’s accident occurred in 1976 after he was picked up while hitchhiking on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The driver died, after falling asleep and crashing, and John’s life was forever changed by his resulting spinal cord injury.


Following his NPR volunteer time, he moved to Washington, DC in 1981 and worked for them as a newscaster.  In 1989, he worked on the nightly news program HEAT with John Hockenberry.  Continuing to work for NPR he covered stories around the world, including the Persian Gulf War.


In 1991, he also hosted NPR’s Talk of the Nation.  He then worked for the ABC News series Day One before becoming a correspondent on Dateline NBC in 1996.


In 1995, he had published a memoir of his time as a wheelchair bound journalist.  In 1996, his autobiographical play, in which he also starred, came out.  Other work as a journalist and author has continued, including a novel.  He has also worked for design and ideas conferences, media, and disability issues.


John has received awards and honors for his work, including multiple Emmy Awards and Peabody Awards.  The MIT Media Lab made him a Distinguished Fellow and he serves on the White House Fellows Committee.  His work as a journalist and author has been recognized.


John married in 1995.  He lives now with his family in both New York and Massachusetts.  He and his wife, Alison, have five children.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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