A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

There are many things, people, and organizations that can bring out inspiration.  Sometimes an inspirational person can bring more attention to a cause or vice versa.  Sometimes a story can be inspirational due to the pure joy and other good feelings it can illicit.  This story can bring attention to a worthy cause, a condition, and the good people involved in seeing the story unfold.


Rooby Heil has been the waterboy, or “hydration engineer”, for the Novi High School football team of Novi, Michigan.  He has Down Syndrome and his positive attitude has been inspirational to the football players and everyone involved with the team, therefore everyone was happy to have him score a touchdown against the opposing, although supportive, team.  Novi coach, Jeff Burnside, came up with and worked out a plan with the South Lyon East coach.  Robby was able to take a handoff from his quarterback and run it in for a touchdown.  Everyone celebrated Robby spiking the ball in the end zone.  The South Lyon East football players had even prepared for this occurrence and signed a jersey for Robbie to commemorate the night.


Another person honored and celebrating that night in 2016 was Robby’s mother who was always on the sidelines taking pictures.  Debbie Heil was always supporting and taking team photographs, but this night was extremely special for this mother battling her own cancer.  She was in disbelief beforehand and then shock as she took pride in her son scoring his touchdown.


Similar stories have occurred in other places involving other teams, and each time something like this occurs, it is truly inspirational.  Players, fans, and coaching staff can carry this incredible story with them forever.  This story highlights those with Down Syndrome, those battling cancer, and many fine individuals.  Whatever the story, fond memories like this mean a lot.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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