A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

There are many things, people, and organizations that can bring out inspiration.  Sometimes an inspirational person can bring more attention to a cause or vice versa.  Hailey’s Harvest and  homes for homeless are passions of young philanthropist Hailey Fort.


Hailey Fort is a young girl that started helping the homeless when she was just five years old.  She lives in Bremerton, Washington and started helping by providing food to the homeless in her area.  She then began growing fruits and vegetables for the homeless.  Today, with the help of her parents and others, including a discount from Lowe’s Home Improvement, Hailey builds 8′ x 4′ wooden homes for the homeless.


Hailey is currently nine years old.  Her goals include growing 250 pounds of food to distribute, giving away 1,000 toiletries, 500 feminine hygiene products, 100 coats, and as many homes as she can build and find space for.  She has worked with churches in her area to find permanent locations for the homes.  Together Rising is one of the nonprofits that has helped to fund Hailey’s project.


The recipient of Hailey’s first home is a man named Edward.  Hailey Fort considers the homeless people she helps her friends.  The community has been supportive of Hailey’s project.  Hailey is working to do everything she can to help others.  Whether Hailey inspires you to help others in some way or her commitment and passion inspire you, be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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