A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

I have been taking the approximately month and a half to review the United States past Presidents.  All adult citizens are preparing to vote for the next President of the United States of America.  Looking back, may help prepare each of us to move forward.  We can be inspired by the Presidents of the United States of America.


Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the United States.  He served from January 20, 1977 until January 20, 1981.  He was and is, also, a military officer, farmer, politician, philanthropist, educator, and author.


James Earl Carter Jr. was born in 1924 in Plains, Georgia.  He had three younger siblings.  While he was a teenager, he began growing, packaging, and selling peanuts.  After graduating high school, he attended two different colleges before gaining his desired admission to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1943.  He graduated in 1946 with a Bachelor of Science.


Jimmy Carter married Rosalynn Smith in 1946.  The couple moved several times during his service in the United States Navy.  He served in the Navy until 1953 when he began serving in the Navy Reserve.  He left the Reserve in 1961 with the rank of lieutenant and multiple awards.


The Carters moved into public housing with their children and began farming once again. Later, his nickname became The Peanut Farmer.  In 1963, he became a Georgia State Senator.  He served until becoming the Governor of Georgia in 1971.  His next political position was the Presidency.


The Department of Energy and the Department of Education were established during his Presidency.  Stagflation marked the economy.  Historians do not rank his Presidency highly, however he has earned respect and accolades for his foreign relations and humanitarianism since leaving the office.


Carter’s work with charities including Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Center has helped many people and communities.  The Carter Center was founded in 1982 and focuses on human rights, conflict resolution, election monitoring, and public health issues including disease eradication and mental health.  Jimmy Carter has earned awards and accolades including the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.


Jimmy Carter has published dozens of books during his life, some during his early political career and many since leaving the Presidency.  He taught at Emory University for a time and shared his knowledge in his writing as well.  His writing covers many topics and genres, including a children’s book he wrote with his daughter Amy.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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