A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

I have been taking the approximately month and a half to review the United States past Presidents.  All adult citizens are preparing to vote for the next President of the United States of America.  Looking back, may help prepare each of us to move forward.  We can be inspired by the Presidents of the United States of America.


Harry S. Truman was the 33rd President of the United States.  He served from April 12, 1945 until January 20, 1953.  He was, also, a haberdasher, a politician, and a farmer.


Harry S. Truman was born in 1884 in Lamar, Missouri.  The S. was just an S., it did not stand for anything.  He had a younger brother and sister.  The family moved a couple of times and Truman did not attend school until he was eight, although he had already begun a daily piano practice at home.  Still very young, he worked as a page at the 1900 Democratic National Convention.  He graduated Independence High School and briefly attended Spalding’s Commercial College.  He had several jobs before joining the Army in 1917.  He had already served in the Missouri National Guard from 1905 until 1911.  He was in the United States Army from 1917 until 1919.  He had an active role in World War I.  He served in the United States Army Reserve following his Army service while carrying on with life back in the states.


He became a judge of Jackson County, Missouri in 1923.  He became the Presiding Judge in 1927.  In 1935, he began a decade in the United States Senate.  In 1945, he briefly served as Vice President before succeeding to the Presidency upon President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s death.


He was President during the end of World War II and approved the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan.  He presided over postwar life back in America and the start of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.  Truman supported internationalist foreign policy and helped found the United Nations in 1945.  The Truman Doctrine sought to contain communism and the Marshall Plan worked to rebuild Western Europe.  He oversaw NATO’s creation in 1949.  He approved U.S. troops involvement in the Korean War.  He made gains with civil rights legislation on the home front, however scandals in his cabinet led to Republicans winning the next election.


Financial struggles following the Presidency led to Truman publishing his memoirs.  Congress soon passed a Former Presidents Act that provided a pension for the first time to Presidents after leaving office.  With donations he had a Presidential Library built and dedicated to the federal government.  After his health declined a Medicare bill was passed and he and his wife were given the first cards.


Harry S. Truman had married Bess Wallace in 1919.  They had a daughter.  Former President Truman died in 1972.  Bess died in 1982 and both are buried at the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum in Independence, Missouri.  His standing and reputation has varied greatly over the years.  Truman has been given sites and honors, including the Truman Scholarship in 1975 and Northeast Missouri State being renamed Truman State University in 1996.  In 1984, he had, also, been posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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