A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Humanitarianism is kindness, benevolence/helpfulness, and sympathy toward others.  Perhaps they shed light on something that needs or deserves more attention.  Perhaps they inspire you to do something in your life that is beneficial to others or even that is helpful or productive in your own life.  Whatever the outcome, humanitarians can be inspiring.  There are humanitarians that are ranked highly historically.


Abbe Pierre was a catholic priest, political activist, and humanitarian.  He was born as Henri Marie Joseph Groues in 1912 in Lyon, France.  He was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1938.  He left the monastery in 1939 due to issues with his health.  He became a non-commissioned officer in 1939 after the breakout of World War II.  He helped many Jewish people escape Nazi persecution.  He founded a clandestine newspaper.  He had a political career following the war.


In 1949 he founded the Emmaus movement.  Its organization’s goal is to help poor and homeless people.  Pierre believed in helping people help themselves.  He really began to make an impact on others during a cold winter in France.  Homeless people had been dying in the street from the cold.  His mission spread and flourished in other places as well.


Pierre stayed active and had involvement in other countries, during other wars, and with several nation’s leaders.  He became very popular in France, as well as, other places.  Many honors have been given to him and are still given in his memory.  He died in 2007.  He wrote many books and articles.  Interviews and films exist as well.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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