A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Vacation is inspirational.  Many of us are lucky enough to have jobs or careers that inspire, however whatever you do for a living, vacation can be inspiring.  Vacation can be refreshing.


Seeing a new landscape on vacation helps many people relax in a way that is positive for our brains and well-being.  Nature can be beautiful and seeing something new or that makes us feel nostalgic or refreshed can really improve our day to day lives.  National parks, a beach, cliff, or other varied landscape can improve our attitude.  Physical activities that we don’t always get to do are other bonus activities with vacation.  Maybe it’s a good exercise or even something daring that can give us a release of endorphins.


Going to landmarks, museums, or educational sites can spark our minds.  To think you are in a place where an important historical event occurred can make you feel a sense of awe.  Other places entertain as well as educate.  Sharing laughs and interesting tips are what many vacation stories are built on.  Having fresh topics of conversation can stem from experiences on vacation.


Another kind of vacation that can also be refreshing and wonderful is a staycation.  Maybe you have things you feel the need to catch up on at home.  Maybe the time will allow you to complete a home project.  Maybe you would like a bit of time to enjoy your day to day landscape.  Whatever the reason, a staycation can feel like just what you needed.  Relax and enjoy.


Whatever or wherever your vacation plan is, let the vacation inspire you.  Many times people head back to work after vacation with a fresh outlook.  You can feel renewed and ready to work.  You have made memories with your vacation.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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