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Steven Tyler is a singer-songwriter, musician, actor, author, multi-instrumentalist, and former television talent judge.  He is the frontman and lead singer of Aerosmith.  He is known for his vocal range, his active stage performance, and his flamboyant style.


Steven Victor Tallarico was born in Manhattan, New York.  His family moved to the Bronx and later Yonkers.  He has an older sister and went to Roosevelt High School.  He actually wrote “Dream On” before Aerosmith was formed.  Around 1970, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Tom Hamilton decided to form a band.  They recruited Joe Kramer to play drums and Ray Tabano to play guitar.  Brad Whitford soon replaced Tabano.  Managers and some bandmates have changed over the years.  They signed a record deal in 1972.


Hits, albums, and tours have been plentiful over the years.  “Walk This Way” redone with Run D.M.C. and “Janie’s Got a Gun” endeared Steven Tyler and what has become the legendary rock band Aerosmith to rap and country fans respectively.  Aerosmith has won over 30 music awards and been nominated for many more, including American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Grammy Awards.


Steven Tyler, other band members, and consequently Aerosmith have been through ups and downs.  Addiction to drugs and the “party” lifestyle has been a big problem at times.  The addiction battles and work to live an addiction free life that Steven Tyler has done can inspire people.


Steven Tyler has consistently supported 8 charities and 16 causes.  He helps others in a variety of situations and at various ages.  From children to the elderly Steven has helped. He and Aerosmith have performed for charity.  Steven’s kindness has been extended at unexpected times as well.


An example of his kindness occurred for a young man with Down Syndrome in Welland, Ontario.  This young man saw Steven Tyler in a store and ran up to and hugged him.  Steven reacted with kindness and returned affection for him and his mother.  Finding out that they couldn’t get Aerosmith tickets because the local show was sold out, Steven gave them backstage passes and even brought the young man out on stage to play the maracas with them.


From his music to his strength in overcoming addiction to his acts of kindness, Steven Tyler is inspirational.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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