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Fran Drescher is a comedian, actress, model, producer, author, activist, and ordained Universalist minister.  She is best known and remembered for her role as Fran Fine in the sitcom The Nanny.  This series ran from 1993 until 1999.  She has had other roles in movies and television and she made her Broadway debut in 2014.


Francine Joy Drescher was born in Kew Gardens, New York.  She was first runner-up for     “Miss New York Teenager” in 1973.  She met her first husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, in high school and married him when she was 21.  He later wrote, directed, and produced The Nanny.  Fran and Peter attended Queens College after high school.  They dropped out and went to cosmetology school after a year.  Her first small film role was in Saturday Night Fever in 1977.  More film roles followed as did roles on television beginning in 1985.  Fran and Peter next created The Nanny.  More television and movie roles followed.


In 1985, Fran and a friend were raped in her home after criminals broke in, ransacked their home, and tied up her beaten husband.  In 1996, Peter and Fran separated and later divorced in 1999.  Fran and Peter continue to be in each other’s lives and she has supported him since he came out as gay.  In 2014, she had a spiritual ceremony, perceived as marriage, with Shiva Ayyadurai.


Fran was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000.  She had a radical hysterectomy and did not have to receive any postoperative care.  She wrote her second book Cancer Schmancer following the experience.  In 2007, on the seventh anniversary of her operation she launched the national Cancer Schmancer Movement.  She has been an outspoken healthcare advocate in Washington D.C.


In 2008, she was appointed as Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women’s Health Issues.  In 2014, she presented at the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Easter Bonnet Competition.  She later became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery so she could officiate LGBT weddings.


Fran Drescher has been honored and received awards for her humanitarian work.  She has received awards in this country, including the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award presented by Hillary Clinton, and in Austria.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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