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Rachel Ray is a television personality, a celebrity chef, a businesswoman, a humanitarian, and an author.  She is possibly best known for her self-named show, Rachel Ray, however has been a part of several television programs.  She won Daytime Emmy Awards for Rachel Ray and for 30 Minute Meals.  She uses her platform to help and inspire people.


Rachel Domenica Ray was born in Glen Falls, New York.  Her mother managed restaurants and Rachel’s first job was at the candy counter at Macy’s.  She continued to work at restaurants and markets and became inspired to come up with 30 Minute Meals.  The concept helps people reduce the pressure some people feel about cooking.  She gave “30 Minute Meal” classes which led to work on radio and television for Rachel.


Several shows starring her, magazine articles, product endorsements, her own product lines, and more have followed.  Her mission to help others prepare meals continues.  She even helped bring a kitchen, five-time heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, and more to Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym.  She founded Rachel’s Rescues, a charity for at-risk animals.  She, also, launched the nonprofit organization Yum-O! to help families and specifically children to cook, feed children, and learn about healthy cooking.


She married in 2005 and has a couple of homes in New York.  She has released over two dozen cookbooks.  She continues to share her passions and help others.  Popular culture and even The Oxford American College Dictionary have adopted her term EVOO, extra-virgin olive oil.  Other catchphrases of hers have been popularized.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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