A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Some celebrities can be enjoyed and inspire despite a relatively young age.  Ryan Reynolds became active in 1991, which isn’t that long ago compared to some other inspirational stars, however it is long enough to admire/enjoy his work and his philanthropy.


Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor and producer.  He was born in 1976 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  After secondary school, he briefly attended Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  Before this, however, he began acting on a Canadian-produced teen soap called Hillside.  In 1996, he co-starred in the film Sabrina The Teenage Witch.  He has been on television series and in films since.  He has primarily comedy and action/thriller roles.


In 2008, Ryan made news by sharing his plan for running the New York City Marathon for his father and Parkinson’s disease.  He, also, has made news for his work with the Make-A-Wish foundation.  Ryan knew and cared about a young cancer patient for multiple years before this boy, unfortunately, passed away.  Ryan has, also, made People’s lists for his good looks.


Ryan Reynolds married Scarlett Johansson in 2008.  This marriage did not work out, however, and they divorced in 2011.  Ryan married Blake Lively in 2012 and they have started a family.  As I write this, they currently have a daughter and are expecting a second child.  Ryan has starred in two dozen movies thus far.


Acting and philanthropy have been enjoyable and inspiring aspects of Ryan Reynolds’ life.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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