A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Many foundations and their causes can be inspirational.  Many individuals and groups of people do things to help and support others.  There are many foundations and causes that people learn about, are exposed to, and end up supporting because of where they work.  Sometimes the work itself or the people you work with are inspirational to you and others.


In April of 2016, Elena Griffing was celebrating her recent 90th birthday and 70 years of working at the same San Francisco Bay Area hospital in California.  Not only has she worked there in a number of different positions as a valued employee, she has only had four sick days during her long career.  Her first day, when she was twenty, was on April 10, 1946 and the hospital was then named Alta Bates Community Hospital.  The name of the facility has evolved to Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, however Elena is still happily coming to work in her heels.  She stated that she had no plans to retire.


Long, meaningful careers are a source of inspiration.  People that clearly have a talent for their job or put in long hours to accomplish a task or on a regular basis are inspirational as well.  Many times good habits or techniques are learned by fellow employees.  People can make the business.  Often, businesses become successful not just because of their product, but also because of the people behind their product.  We can all take time to support and appreciate those who inspire, as well as, do a good job.  Whether it’s their creativity, heroics, dedication, or something else co-workers can be inspirational.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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