A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Many foundations and their causes can be inspirational.  Many individuals and groups of people do things to help and support others.  There are many foundations in many locations that inspire and enable people to accomplish goals and live happier lives than they could without help.


Most people agree on the importance of education.  Some people are faced with additional challenges to afford, or even to attend, to complete higher education.  Many years ago not being able to hear even had many people being sent to live in institutions.  People with hearing issues still face additional challenges, however today advances in technology and even understanding enable hearing loss sufferers more opportunity.


Louise Tumarkin Zazove Foundation helps deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals realize their full potential by granting them scholarships to attend higher education.


Louise Tumarkin was born in 1915 in New York City.  Being a girl at this time in history and money issues put several obstacles in this bright young girl’s way.  Yet, she managed to become a doctor.  She married another doctor and they had two children.  A few years later they found out their son had a profound hearing loss.  Despite recommendations the couple sent their son to public school.  He ended up becoming one of the first deaf physicians in the United States.  Louise ended up unexpectedly dying in 1994.  Many people donated funds in her memory.  Her family decided to use these funds to establish a memorial foundation.


The Louise Tumarkin Zazove Foundation was officially established in 2003.  The Foundation has given out scholarships, increased scholarship sizes, and continued to grow.  Scholarships are given to individuals with hearing loss throughout the United States.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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