A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inspiration can be found everyday.  Changes can affect individuals or whole communities of people.  Deaf people used to be placed in mental hospitals.  Because they couldn’t communicate, they often became violent.  The mental hospital was seen as a way to solve this problem.  This was stopped when communication systems were invented and developed.


Changes can seem smaller, yet make monumental changes in individual lives.  Like, for example, the giving of free meals or haircuts can give individuals just what they need to get themselves to the next day or step in their lives.  Sometimes individuals “find themselves” in a position where change is needed.  One overweight man, as others have as well, was given death predictions from his doctor.  His story became part of the Now This television program because the man went out and got himself an overweight dag.  The man and dog started walking and then running together.  Both lost weight and became healthier.  The man changed his death predictions from his doctor.


Physical changes can come to change your life in many ways.  A young lady named Kate’s life changed in many ways when she learned she had leukemia.  She was a gymnast, however she lost one of her legs from the disease.  Today, she is still a gymnast.  She competes and does very well against two-legged gymnasts.  Her change is monumental, yet can teach us all a lesson about moving on despite life events.


Sometimes people need help from others to make changes their lives need.  On Ellen there have been many stories of people triumphing despite circumstances.  One man, Bryan Sylvia, is one such story.  Bryan Sylvia was an overweight veteran.  He was feeling very defeated when he found a yoga instructor that believed in him.  He went from barely being able to move around to losing weight and now running.


Change is a part of life.  How we respond to change, whether it is a major change or not, can be inspiring.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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