A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inspiration can be found everyday.  Haevest Cafe on Staten Island, New York and other restaurants, some that have like or similar names, are truly inspirational places.  They help meet a need.  These restaurants train and often employ people with special needs.  A Very Special Place (AVSP) is a non-profit with programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities.  They own and run Harvest Cafe.


Disabled individuals have almost double the unemployment rate of people without disabilities.  Many businesses, restaurants included, gain benefits from hiring employees with special needs.  Not only do the employees gain independence, they make a very loyal workforce, and customers often appreciate and enjoy the employee.  The relationship benefits the employer, employees, and customers.  The Ellen DeGeneres show had Sam and Chris from Starbucks on because their story is inspirational.  Chris hired Sam after meeting him at a camp.  Sam has autism and the job has allowed him to grow and do more than he ever thought he could.  He is an excellent employee and his dancing on the job was caught on video and shared to every viewers delight.


Glen Industries and like organizations provide work readiness training to people with disabilities.  They help find employment for these individuals and assist employers to recruit, hire, and retain workers that meet their needs.  Reverse job fairs can help individuals showcase themselves and allows perspective employers to find individual workers that meet their needs.


Meeting needs while simultaneously benefiting many people is truly inspirational.  Give others a chance.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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