A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inspiration can be found everyday.  Everyone knows someone who has little, yet still manages to give a lot.  They may give generously with their time, personal strengths, or even money.  Yet, many people do not know anyone personally who is wealthy and still gives generously.  Here is an example that can inspire everyone to give and/or help others whatever your means may be.


Carol Suchman purchased the contents of a toy store that was going out of business to give to homeless children.  Carol Suchman is a New York City businesswoman and philanthropist who had always donated anonymously until she saw Hudson Party Store had a for rent sign in the window in November of 2015.  Having owned a successful technology company with her husband and being a mother of three, gave her the means and the desire to make sure every child she could help had at least one Christmas present.


Suchman got in touch with the store’s owner to buy everything inside the store.  This included action toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, and school supplies.  Once the deal was negotiated everything was bagged up and donated to New York City’s Department of Homeless Services.  With the help of the executive director of Free Arts NYC nonprofit children’s program and a coordinator for the city’s Department of Homeless Services her inspiration became a reality.


Carol Suchman has felt very lucky for her family’s success and wanted to pay it forward to help many children feel lucky during 2015’s holiday season.  No matter the time of year her actions are inspirational and whether help given is monetary or not, giving is inspirational.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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