A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inventors are inspirational.  Amanda Jones was an inventor, author, businesswoman, and educator.  She published her writing, particularly poems, both in books and individual pieces in magazines.  As an inventor, she is best known for inventing a vacuum method of canning food.


Amanda Jones was born on October 19, 1835 in East Bloomfield, New York.  She had three older siblings.  School in East Bloomfield and Black Rock, New York led to normal school training at East Aurora Academy.  She became a teacher at fifteen years old.


After a few years teaching, her first poem was published and she began writing full time.  In 1859, she contracted tuberculosis and moved to Wisconsin to recuperate at her mother’s house.  Beginning in 1861, she published six books during her life.  She, also, published poems in magazines from 1855 until 1864.  In 1872, she invented her canning process for preserving food and later received multiple patents for variations of it.  In 1880, she patented an oil burner.


Amanda was an advocate of women’s rights and suffrage.  In 1890, she founded the Women’s Canning and Preserving Company in Chicago.  She hired only women.  The company was unsuccessful and she left Chicago in 1893 for Junction City, Kansas where two of her siblings lived.  She continued to work on her inventions and publish her writing, poems and other literary works.  In 1910, she published her autobiography.


Next, she moved to Brooklyn, New York.  In 1914, she got influenza and passed away while ill.  Before dying, she was listed in Who’s Who in America.  Around the time of her death, she was in Woman’s Who’s Who in America.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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