A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inventors are inspirational.  Ida Freund was an inventor, educator, author, and feminist.  She was the first female chemistry lecturer in the United Kingdom.   She wrote two key chemistry textbooks and invented a gas measuring tube.  She invented and used periodic table cupcakes.


Ida Freund was born on April 15, 1863 in Austria.  She moved a couple of times during her childhood.  Her mother died and she moved to live with her grandparents in Vienna.  Then when her grandparents died she moved in with her uncle, violinist Ludwig Straus, in England.  Later, she enrolled in Girton College.  She achieved honors in the Natural Sciences Tripos course.  She became a chemistry lecturer at Cambridge Training College for Women.  The following year she became a demonstrator at Newnham College, Cambridge.  In 1890, she became a staff lecturer making her the first female chemistry full lecturer in the UK.  She became an associate and then council member at Hewnham College.  She was known as an inspirational, although eccentric, teacher.  She was disabled due to a childhood cycling accident, her style of dress was unconventional, and her knowledge and approach to teaching led to her distinctive reputation.


Ida was a supporter of women.  She supported women’s suffrage.  She, also, fought for women to be admitted to the Chemical Society.  She was interested in improving science education for girls and women.  She wrote for women and held workshops for women.


Ida retired from Newnham College due to ill-health in 1913.  She died on May 15, 1914 following surgery.  She was working on her second book at the time, however friends and colleagues edited it for publication.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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