A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inventors are inspirational.  Myra Juliet Farrell was an inventor and artist.  She received more than two dozen patents, many of them for, what she saw as, practical inventions.  Other categorizes for her inventions were medications and military aids.


She was born Maria Julia Welsh on February 25, 1878 in County Clare, Ireland.  She had five siblings.  Her family lived in an estate at Kilrush until their Scragh House was destroyed by arson.  Relatives gave the family a home in Bunratty Castle.  In the 1880s, her family moved to Australia.  Her parents established a school in Silverton.  They moved to Broken Hill.  There, they established St Peter’s School.  Myra was educated there and her mother taught music.


She shared that ideas for inventions started coming to her in dreams when she was ten.  She reported that she would wake up, write ideas down write ideas down from right to left, and later use a mirror to copy them.  She also drew diagrams and created models for the patent process.  Her first patent was for a tailoring device.  Practical household devices were later patented, including a folding clothesline.  She also invented a sling for carrying a baby.  Rural industry inventions included an automated machine to pick and pack fruit.  Her respiratory issues and meeting a sufferer of tuberculosis led to her invention of an inhalant.  She later married this patient, William Taylor.  He lived six years after their marriage.  The inhalant was marketed as “Membrosus”.  She also had success with her invention of a skin ointment, “Myra’s ointment”.  Myra invented military aids during World War I.


While married to William, she had two children.  She later married William George Farrell and had a son.  She lived in different locations in Western Australia and in Sydney before settling in the Sydney suburb Mosman.  She became known for her paintings.  Her works that remain known are small landscapes.  She was known as an eccentric.  Myra died at home on March 8, 1957 in Mosman, Sydney, New South Wales.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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