A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inventors are inspirational.  Sarah Boone was an African American inventor and dressmaker.  She is known for inventing an ironing board.  Her ironing board had special parts for ironing sleeves, had a cushioned cover, and could be stored until it was needed.  Many people ironed on a plank of wood they placed between chairs or on their table before her ironing board was invented.


Sarah Marshall was born around 1832 in Craven County, North Carolina.  She married a freedman, James Boone (sometimes spelled Boon) on November 25, 1847.  They had eight children.  Before the Civil War, their family moved to New Haven, Connecticut.  James worked as a brick mason and Sarah worked as a dressmaker.  She invented her ironing board to help in ironing the sleeves and bodies of women’s garments.  Her ironing board had curved parts, collapsible legs, and a padded cover.  She received her patent on April 26, 1892.  She was one of the first black women to receive a patent.  Little else is known about her life.  Her husband, James Boone, is reported to have died in 1874.  Sarah passed away at home either in 1900 or 1904.


Her invention helped solve a problem and aided in a domestic chore.  However, her invention also had a significant impact on society and culture.  As an African American female inventor her successful patent resulted in many people taking notice and showing respect for African American female inventors.


Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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