A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inventors are inspirational.  Ann Moore was an inventor and a pediatric nurse.  Her inventions have changed the lives of those that have used them.  She has invented the Snugli, the Weego,  and the Air Lift.


Ann Moore was born in 1940 in Ohio.  After attending school to become a pediatric nurse, she was a volunteer with one of the first Peace Corps trips.  While there, she observed what she felt was a beautiful, bonding practice of the mothers of Togo, West Africa.  The women did all of their daily activities with their child slung to their body.  Ann Moore also met her future husband Mike, another Peace Corps volunteer.  After returning to the United States, living in Denver, Colorado the couple had their first daughter.  Ann decided, with the help of her mother, to fashion a sash-like pouch like the mothers of Africa.  Their first attempts didn’t work, but soon she had a working model that attracted a lot of attention from other mothers once made.


She patented her invention in 1969 and Snugli was born.  Adjustments to the original design were also patented.  Her husband eventually left his job to help with the company producing the Snugli.  They later sold the company.  Ann invented another carrier she named the Weego. She invented the Air Lift for people that have to have oxygen tanks with them.  Those people can transport their tanks with them more easily.


Ann Moore’s inventions have allowed many parents to feel they are bonding with their babies while still being able to do daily activities.  The Snugli and Weego seem to allow babies to feel more content as well.  The Air Lift, being a portable oxygen carrier, has allowed those that need oxygen tanks to be able to do more.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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