A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inventors are inspirational.  Samuel Morse was a painter and an inventor.  He is remembered for the invention and transmission of Morse code.  It seems that he contributed, based on European telegraphs, to a system of a single-wire telegraph.  He co-developed Morse code to use with the commercial use of telegraphy.  Some inventions have come about out of the inventor’s curiosity and others have been developed out of need.  The latter seems to be the case of Morse code and Samuel Morse’s contribution to the telegraph and Morse code.  The sickness and subsequent death of his first wife led him to realize the need for faster means of communication.


Samuel Morse was born on April 27, 1791 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.  His father was a Calvinist preacher.  Their faith and agreements, as well as, their disagreements influenced his work as a painter and his beliefs politically.  Samuel Morse attended Yale College and graduated with honors in 1810.  He had painted while at Yale and took on a three-year stay to study painting in England with Washington Allston in 1811.  By the end of 1811 he had been admitted to the Royal Academy.  He produced the masterpiece Dying Hercules while there.  Judgement of Jupiter was, also, painted while there.  He returned to America in 1815.


September 29, 1818 Morse married Lucretia Pickering Walker.  They had three children and she died February 7, 1825.  He was away and sent word of her sickness, but did not arrive until after her death.  Later, he married again, to Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, on August 10, 1848.  They had four children.


He continued his work as a painter with success.  In 1826, he helped found the National Academy of Design.  He traveled to Europe again to study painting from 1830 until 1832.  He painted The Gallery of the Louvre on this trip.  In 1832, he became interested in electromagnetism and electrical telegraphy.  Others were involved in inventing telegraphy as well.  In 1838, Morse made the first public demonstration of the electric telegraph.  In 1844, a telegraph was made from Baltimore to Washington, D.C.  In 1845, the Magnetic Telegraph Company was founded.


Samuel Morse has received awards and honors.  Foreign countries bestowed him with honors and financial awards and the United Stated has, as well, a year before and since his death.  Morse gave large amounts of money to charity.  He died on April 2, 1872 in New York City.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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