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Wisconsin is inspirational.  Wisconsin was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on May 29, 1848.  Wisconsin is in the north-central United States.  It is considered part of the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.  Lake Superior is to the north and Michigan is at its northeast border.  Lake Michigan is to the east.  Illinois borders Wisconsin to the south.  Minnesota is at its western border.


Cultures are known to have lived in Wisconsin for 12,000 years.  Evidence of Paleo-Indians living in the area during Wisconsin Glaciation exists.  After this ice age people hunted, fished, and gathered to survive.  Agricultural societies established themselves during the Woodland period.  Next, mound builders established settlements.  Settlements and villages of Native American tribes continued to live in the area when Europeans first settled around the 17th century.


French explorers came in 1634 and 1654-1666.  French participated in the fur trade before Great Britain won control of the region in 1763.  This was a result of the French and Indian war, however some French settled in the area.  Settlers in the area included French Canadians, Anglo-New Englanders, and African American freedmen.  The fur trade was essential, however farms were established in the 18th century.


In 1783 Wisconsin Territory became a part of the United States.  After American control was established following the War of 1812, the mining industry became the economy’s focus.  A state nickname Badger State came from miners digging shelters in holes in the ground.  The growing population allowed Wisconsin to gain statehood.  Wisconsin was a free state and became a center of northern abolitionism.  Wisconsin fought for the Union during the Civil War.


Another nickname, America’s Dairyland, came from farmers focusing on dairy production.  Reforestation led to renewable lumber and paper milling industry.  Manufacturing became a major industry in the early 20th century.  Today, the economy of Wisconsin is driven by manufacturing, agriculture, and health care.  Tourism is an important industry in the state as well.


The state is divided into five distinct geographical regions: Lake Superior Lowland, Northern Highland, Central Plain, Western Upland, and Eastern Ridges & Lowlands.  Forest covers 46% of Wisconsin’s land.  From the north to the south Wisconsin experiences a warm to hot summer humid continental climate.  Winters experience a large amount of snowfall.


Wisconsinites celebrate their heritage with yearly ethnic festivals.  Numerous country music festivals are held in addition to ethnic musical festivals.  Wisconsin is a popular outdoor recreation destination as well.  Hunting, skiing, and fishing are just a few popular activities.  Sports in the state attract residents and tourists.  There are football, baseball, and basketball major league teams.  There are many minor league teams and college sports programs.  The world’s oldest operational racetrack is in Wisconsin.  PGA Championships have been held in Wisconsin.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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