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Vermont is inspirational.  Vermont was admitted to the Union of the United States of America on March 4, 1791.  Vermont’s nickname is The Green Mountain State.  This nickname may come from the fact that the Green Mountains go through the state and that forests cover over 75% of the state and that the mountains are more forested than other mountain ranges.  Vermont is a New England state in the northeast United States.


Part of the US border with Canada is to the north.  The eastern border is the Connecticut River followed by the state of New Hampshire.  Massachusetts borders Vermont to the south.  New York and Lake Champlain followed by New York make the western border.  Lake Champlain is the sixth-largest fresh water lake in the United States.


Native American tribes lived in the area for thousands of years before European contact.  The first Europeans to see Vermont were thought to be French explorers in 1535.  In 1609, other French explorers claimed Vermont as part of New France.  Fort LaMotte, which was a French settlement, was erected in 1666.  In 1690, Dutch-British settlers established a settlement and trading post.  Further settlements led to the French and Indian War and France ceding control to the British.  The Green Mountain Boys, a Vermont militia, assisted in the American Revolutionary War.  The area became the Vermont Republic.  The Vermont Constitution governed the sovereign entity for 14 years.  This forward-thinking government then be came a state.


Vermont opposed slavery and activists and residents overwhelmingly voted in Abraham Lincoln.  Vermont sent over 34,000 men to support the Union during the American Civil War.  Women were given the right to vote in 1880.  Another early adoption was civil unions in 2000 and same-sex marriage on 2009.


Vermont has a humid continental climate.  It has seasonal changes.  Higher elevations have colder winters.  Although, overall, Vermont is ranked as having the seventh coldest climate.  Five regions, by geology and physical attributes, are categorized: Northeastern Highlands, Green Mountains, Taconic Mountains, Champlain Lowlands, and Vermont Piedmont.      Variety of flora and fauna exist in the state.


Maple Sugar, forestry, quarrying, and dairy cows have a long history in the state and its economy.  However, the top components of the gross state product are government, real estate, and durable goods manufacturing.  Tourism is important in the state.  Ski areas with resorts, hotels, restaurants, and shops are designed to attract tourists all year.  Attractions include fishing, hunting, horse shows, golf courses, state parks, historic sites, and museums.


Vermont has been named the country’s smartest state.  Vermont was the birthplace of United States Presidents Chester A. Arthur and Calvin Coolidge.  Festivals, cultural events, and art are well-known.  Notable fictional characters have ties to Vermont as well.  From the villain Simon Legree from Uncle Tom’s Cabin to the lovable Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H* Vermonters have made a mark.  Be inspired!  Have a bright day!

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